Why do simple changes need to wait for major patches?

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It was announced months ago that champions of azeroth rep would essentially be account wide when it came to unlocking the +15 levels on your heart of azeroth. Why does a change like this need to wait months for a major patch? It's not like they are doing something new by having something unlock account wide.

Why make your players wait so long for such a simple and incredibly player friendly change?
I'm pretty sure this is a policy decision, not a technical limitation.

Historically they tighten everything up in the initial version of an expansion, including alt-friendliness. Then typically it gets more alt friendly with each patch throughout the expansion, until it resets with the launch of the next expac.

As to why they think this is good game policy, I do not know. Perhaps its profession related.
This is why I'll never be part of an expansion launch again. These devs have anything remotely fun on such a lock down until the .1 or .2 patch. Its ridiculous.
If it somehow is policy, then I'll never understand the logic behind it. Do they somehow think people will play longer if they hold back things that make alts more player friendly? Maybe it's just me but I'd play alts much more if there wasn't so much to grind on every character. I have no desire playing alts. Especially when they tell you months in advance that the grind is just going to be taken away with a future patch.

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