Perfect PvP specs throughout WoW

Wod feral was insane.
Wod fury was insane.
Wotlk sub was hard but insane.
Wotlk blood dk ( when it was dps) was fun af.
Legion survival was honestly really strong just kinda underrated.
Legion enhancement felt better than current imo.
Wod demo lock was awesome.
Cata ret was busted.
mop mage was most fun i ever had. Alter time was the coolest spell ever created
5.4 MOP WW
5.4 MOP Fire Mage
5.4 MOP Demo/Destro Lock
5.4 MOP Rdruid
5.4 MOP Spriest
11/11/2018 12:56 AMPosted by Feyan
mop mage was most fun i ever had. Alter time was the coolest spell ever created

Cata sub>> RLS was thee most fun I’ve ever had in arena
Fs in the chat. Ive gotten depressed and these specs aren't coming back.
cata frost mage
cata/mop mm
wod bm (yea yea, but this was the best designed version of it)
mop survival
MOP rdruid if there was no symbiosi and mage
WOTLK mage and disc+spriest
Whenever someone says cats sub, I can’t help but remember the damn daggers.
11/11/2018 12:29 AMPosted by Steelgear
Anything before WoD.

Well Glad Stance Warrior was the best Dps spec ever introduced into the game. Shame Blizzard doesn't have enough Dev's to let a 4th warrior spec flourish instead of just pruning it :(

R.I.P Glad Stance
Cata Frost Mage -- it even had multiple builds that were good, Int vs Mastery vs Haste.

WotLK Disc -- Mana Burn was the perfect offensive utility for a healer instead of this Way of the Crane burst crap, it caused lots of positioning decisions to be made just by threaten it. Also the interplay of Druids shifting to prevent the burn, great interaction.

BC HArP and SL/SL -- they had more counterplay than people realized, but the aggregate skill level of the community was lower then

BC Eurocomp

BC double trinket Assassination
Mop Unholy, felt smooth and rewarding. More baseline buttons fewer fotm rerolls.
S13 frost mage was the best design (imo) mage ever had. You played frost bomb build largely but couldn't detonate bomb w/ fireblast so you had to set it up so dispel couldn't happen. A perfect setup of bomb-frostbolt (w/ trinket)-deep freeze-frostbolt-lance-lance would lead to this huge chunk of damage happening at once but it required a lot of casting and setup to pull off. You had alter time, high casted damage, good insta damage, were definitely killable and had counters in the meta.

S14-S15 Sub rogue was pretty good design imo.

Wrath disc was pretty cool. Good offensive playstyle but more risk-reward type plays as blowing penance on a kill and going hard O had more drawback than it does now and needed to be balanced.

Rsham was cool when it didn't have defensive dispel and actually had to use grounding/tremor/shear as ways of avoiding CC that it couldn't dispel vs. just having the most ultimately disruptive toolkit in WoW w/ little downside if you screwed it up because you could just quickly dispel.

S12 spriest was OP but had a lot of cool tools to it.

S15 WW monk was pretty awesome with a high skillcap.

Fire mage S11 probably stands out as one of the highest skillcap specs I can think of. It was absolutely OP but I think without a shadow of a doubt (edit -S11*) combustion was the highest skill ceiling ability in WoW's history. A "bad" combustion would literally register for less than another fireball being cast over its duration. An "awesome" combustion covered for dispel protection could take a spirit linking rsham and 60-0 the entire team simultaneously with a 3 spread combustion ticking for like 11-12k per second. No other ability I can ever think of had that much potential for solo'ing a game while poor use resulted in an almost negligible amount of value.
WoD shadow, mop ele, mop destro, cata frost mage, s15 WW
11/11/2018 06:22 AMPosted by Parhelion
Whenever someone says cats sub, I can’t help but remember the damn daggers.
Daggers and vial (and unheeded warning in s9) were dumb, but sub class design was on point. Playing it on the AT realm w/o the PvE nonsense felt really good, probably the best the spec has ever been, even if live wasn't the same.

Mentioned quite a bit in this thread, but wotlk disc and MoP destro/WW were also really good. Sad that the days of engaging class design seem to be over in favor of... whatever this is.
Mop rogue was the best class design ever and was first expo to finally remove PvE gear, but it also brought the dreaded CD on dispel.

If they transplanted MoP rogue into cata and took PvE gear out of cata it'd of been perfect outside of Rdruids/Warriors needing buffs.

Cata rogue was fun, but wasn't that well designed with or without PvE gear. It just got a better wrap from the rest of the game being more fun.

Hemo glyph being affordable without opportunity cost meant not having to use rupture, energy regen was tied to recup instead of slice and dice. Prep was also insanely overpowered compared to other expansions versions of prep.

Imagine smoke bombing getting trinket and then prep smoke bombing a kill. Or purposely missing your kick to land a prep kick.
8.1 DKs
BfA S1 Affliction
Warlocks were an ever-improving class until WOD when they changed a bunch of stuff that didn't need changing and were a bit better when Legion rolled around. Warlocks are crap now. Despite decent standings on PVE meters for one spec (which, who cares, like seriously), the play styles for destro and aff are trash, and the pruning machine has cut way too deep. They finally made demo fun to play, and they can't even balance that spec's PVE DPS or any of the class's defensives for PVP viability.

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