Are tidesages mages, priests, shaman, or...?

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Wowpedia ( makes them sound like a mix of mage and shaman (at least by their abilities), although their alternate name is "sea priest."

What do you guys think??
Shamages...bologna shamages.
They are set up to be shamans who've made a pact with an agent of the Water elementals.. whether this is Neptulon finally making his grand play or another entity of Water that has closer ties to the void, they are water shaman.
Tidesages are effectively their own class. Or spec, for some cloth-wearing equivalent of a Shaman.

For the purpose of playable Kul Tirans they're sort of divided into the Shaman and Priest classes.
what is going on? new class???
They're obviously priests. They call upon the sea like others do the Light. They don't dabble in the Arcane as mages do, nor do they commune with the Elemental powers as Shaman do. They bless the ships of Kul Tiras, dispel illusions, and heal the sick.

And...they're probably very vulnerable to corruption by N'Zoth.

But they are definitely priests (they have titles like Brother and Sister too, which reinforce their religious nature).
They're an exotic blend of sea men

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