need more classes

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To compliment the allied races. We dont even need 3 specs anymore, two spec classes or even 1 spec would be great.
we can't balance the ones we have now.

No. Go away, troll.
wow the hate is real
I believe we need advance classes that specialize in areas of the players wishes just as pvp, raids, dung and such. So to balance the system is that these specializations loss a area of use for it. Such as if you pvp you loss out on aoe abilities, if you raid you gain extended aoe or boss killing abilties but loss pvp abilities and the like.
need more classes
To compliment the allied races.

So...if someone gives you something good, that makes you ask for MORE stuff?

Got it.
11/12/2018 05:29 AMPosted by Worldwartyr
we can't balance the ones we have now.

I agree.

The whole idea of having different classes is that they are different. I've never understand people who imagine that all 36x35 pairs can be "balanced": different but exactly equal?

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