<DirtyLilHorde> 2/8 M LF DPS and Holy Pala

DirtyLilHorde is a raiding community with our sights set on the AOTC achievement every raid tier. We still need a few players to round out our roster. In addition we are an active community with activities from alt runs, Rbgs, M+, and other ingame activities. We also have an active out of game community as well. We are actively recruiting people who want to be a part of all of this and enjoy all of the above and fun people.

Our raid times are Alts (Tues 11-2am server) Main raid (Sun Mon 11-2am server)

We currently need DPS players with an emphasis on Dk, warrior, and ranged classes.

LF Ret/Holy combo as well

PST Mac#1753 in game or Mac#9046 in discord for more details
still looking

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