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Looking at creating a new RP character on MG and along with that, a very good back story.

So far I have 4 ideas, each with their own little taste.
I. Paladin: Served in the war against the Legion, came home to study and refine his skills at healing using the Light.
II. Dwarf Warrior: Served during the invasion of Northrend. now a miner and blacksmith serving under King Anduin.
III. N-elf Hunter: Hunter and leatherworker in Darnassus, relocated to stormwind after the burning of Teldrassil.
IV. Mage: Studying the wars of the ancients during their time in Stormwind as an apprentice mage.

These are just "rough drafts" of the four ideas I have. Could use some critical thoughts on each, what to improve. Ideas that could go along with them, stuff like that. tia.
I would totally help here, but those are kinda of vague ideas, so I will ask you about them more than criticizing them.

Was the Paladin a Retribution one and now wants to become Holy because they are too old or they are against violence now that the war is against the Horde and not a greater foe?

How is the Dwarf Warrior like? Are they retired? Or did they got badly injured and had to stop fighting? Do they have a family they work with? And where do they work as a miner exactly?

The nelf seem a bit too generic, it seems a npc idea more than a rp one. if they are a hunter why do they need to relocate? Are they seeking vengeance or they are okay with working in Stormwind in peace?

The mage leaves me even less interested. Why the War of the Ancients? Are they just a nerd? A scholar?

As yourself this same questions and see where they lead you.
Personally, I've enjoyed very few human paladins. I assume its human at least. Scarlets have been the only ones I've enjoyed in that regard. Dreanei, Tauren, Blood Elves, Dark Irons, and now Zandalari have always been far more interesting to me. I'd say steer away from that one.

I like the dwarf idea. Someone who had volunteered to go fight something that had taken a lot from their own homeland, if only by proxy, to come back and enjoy the 'simple' life. Dwarven smiths and forges are known to be the best.

To the Night Elf, I'm curious why they woulnd't be signing up for service. Not that I expect every elf to do so, but if one is already a hunter and knows how to shoot, and well at that, why are they not joining the ranks of the Sentinels as an archer?

Kinda the above, why is the mage studying that and of all places, why are they trying to study that in Stormwind?

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