Freezing on realm change and profession screen.

Technical Support
I tried posting this early but it doesn't show.
Any time I change realms or open a profession page in game it freezes.
I do not run addons.
Besides doing another full ui reset any ideas? Maybe I missed something so i will try again.
Same happening here. Apparently they are aware of it as a client side issue. We have been informing them on Twitter too and nothing gets done.
Hi Galessa,

Did you actually try the UI reset? Opening a profession window is a UI action; actual API requests are made. You shouldn't need to delete the WTF directory, as that's not where this information is stored. Did you at least close WoW, delete the Cache directory, and then log back in?
Yes, I did. What happened was it worked the first time then it went right back to screwed up again. Its so annoying.

And thank you for the responses!

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