Druid Forms: Let us choose!

For druids, one of the best cosmetic features from Legion were our druid forms AND the ability to allow the player to choose their form.

Blizzard, please give druid players the option to choose their druid forms for the various specs. This should be a no-brainier: to give the player more choice in the game.

More so, allowing the player to chose their druid forms will allow for more opportunities for cosmetic options, hopefully linked to class content. How cool would it be to give druids a class quest-line that unlocks new druid forms.

In short, give druids the option to choose their druid forms (and not linked to artifacts). AND, give us more cosmetic options. Though, the former is the most important part of this rant.
The one that kills me is travel form compared to all the cool ones the allied races are getting. I'd love to have that moose form without race changing my Tauren to slightly furrier tauren with antlers.
I was just thinking of this today when i was playing.

I would love it if they made it like Hunters, but instead of taming the beast, we attune to them.
I posted this a few days ago, not many ppl seem to care, sadly. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20769759753

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