Resto Druid PVP Help p2

Reaching out for help with my Resto Druid 1600 cr

1. Most of the time I have to keep tossing hots or cast as my dps are getting swapped and that takes a few seconds, during this time I'm open to CC and usually get CC'd multiple times till death.

2. When I open the fight I try to bash out of stealth then back away and toss heals. In these few seconds it becomes harder to recover my DPS or I get insta CC from the DPS when I unstealth and trained... Unfortunately Bark Skin (popped at 90%) doesn't stop me from being killed. The GCD for tree form takes too long and by the time I'm spamming regrowth I'm at 15% and usually die through same...… Extremely frustrating.

3. Feels like a lot of games I'm spamming hots and regrowth to keep people alive and after I've got them rolling they are expiring or the target I'm healing is being swapped. Feels like always a catch up game where I have no time to CC and when I extend to try and CC I get cc chained as if the enemy team has nothing stopping them from lazily walking over and dropping cc one at a time.

4. I dropped over 100 cr today starting 1650, With multiple comps, using discord, trying to LOS get CC etc and still loss after loss while every other team uses our losses to climb the ladder feelsbadman is an understatement right now, Advice for 1,2 and 3?
Keep yourself hotted, line of sight is key, bear form barkskin, CW is useable while stunned. Also dont forget to use thorns talent vs melee. Just practice makes perfect my friend.
Why in the heck does it feel like every team in 1600 is playing perfect against my comps right now? im getting cc chained like a MF even when los, getting killed in openers etc this is not fun and beginning to be a waste of my time.
How much should I really be trying to cyclone? seems that, some teams demand you run out and cyclone like its gonna give them instant win, in reality you open yourself up and get cc'd and for the time your running to the target or casting or getting reversed cc'd your healing output is diminished.

Watching folks on twitch, it seems that healers doing CC is only when given an opportunity or going in for the kill, not as an opener to cc chain unless you got some badass instant ranged cc.

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