How do you feel about people who play both factions?

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There was friend I had who lead this horde pvp group who flipped out when he found out I had a gnome

uh....yeah....what is 7 years old?
Mother didnt give him the right Juice Box this morning?
I main Horde, but I do play Alliance from time to time. Honestly It’s more fun to have both than just 1, so.
As someone who plays both factions myself... I feel rather elated when I meet another like-minded individual who plays both factions... I don't understand why some people get so wrapped up in the faction war that they would refuse to even play the other faction to at-least get the full story...

I have on my roster currently:
10 Alliance & 7 Horde... I tried to keep them even... but Blizzard decided to throw me a couple curve balls with MoP & Legion... & I havn't got Mag'har unlocked yet...
I am a fairly new player, and decided from the start to have a character on each side, leveling at about the same rate, because I like to be a 'tourist', and the two factions get to see more of the world, especially at the start, than one.
I have a slight preference for the Alliance side, but that is mostly a question of aesthetics. Where do the Horde get all those huge animal horns and fangs and the like for their architecture and clothing, anyway?
I try to keep my alts evenly divided between horde and alliance... but think I may have a few extra horde.

Edit to add: My very first character was a night elf, my second was a forsaken.
Ya I don't care what others do if it don't directly effect me I don't care lol.
I don’t care about the faction stuff. I play with friends on both sides.
I play mostly alliance and 1 horde toon to see the Horde story. Alliance players generally seem friendlier and more chill than Horde players from my experience. I also like the Alliance races better.
My self-esteem is much stronger than someone whose self-esteem is dependent on how others play a video game and then striking an artificially inflated-ego pose. I feel good about myself; in fact, I feel pretty DAMNED good about myself.
I feel like I can relate. ;)
I play both factions so I'm never locked to only one side of quest content. Though I haven't yet started playing my Alliance toons this expac since I'm pretty much burnt out on wow atm. I struggle just to log on to one toon on one faction yet alone both.
I used to play both sides by WoD, but when Legion started and i deleted my Alliance filth and since then have only been playing the best faction.
I play Alliance and care about the Horde since the beginning. If you roll the other side choose The Forsaken.

11/13/2018 03:41 AMPosted by Amaer
I don't really care.

Because what you do doesn't affect me.


Playing both factions is the only way to see the full story and experience the leveling experience when it's split so it's generally a good thing to do if you like the world and want to see all of the different new lore.
I play both factions! Well, okay, I do "in theory." I consider myself as someone who plays both sides even though in practice the vast majority of my play time is Horde. Especially with the introduction of the allied races that I'm trying to level right now.
My 120 Floozie Blood Elf Warrior is Horde, though she was Orc for 6 years :)
I play both.
I don't care what anyone else thinks.
11/13/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Jatari
There was friend I had who lead this horde pvp group who flipped out when he found out I had a gnome

uh....yeah....what is 7 years old?
Mother didnt give him the right Juice Box this morning?

Shocking part. He was actually a retired man in his 60s. Heard him on discord before.
I want to play both because in cases like BfA, each side is getting a different, usually only slightly, different story line to play through which adds to the overall story. I usually really enjoy the story. Of the two highest Horde characters I have, both have been boosted. I'm determined to get one to max but gosh if it doesn't feel like work. Each time I hear one of them called hero or champion my mind just screams no, no. This is wrong. Stop.

I made it all the way to Burning Crusade as Horde. Well, I think I probably started after its launch or pretty close. It was months before I purchased the expansion. Deleted them when I changed servers (started on PvP). I even actually played Warcraft, the original game, when it came out years ago. I have so much trouble playing villains in games and the Horde are the villain choice of the game to me. Those stories never appeal to me that much. But I am determined to get one to max. Someday.
I like both factions and play both.
Most of my friends are dedicated horde, but they know I will be happy to jump on my horde healers at any time and help out.

One interesting thing for me though... I have made 90% of my in-game friends through BG's, and only 1 of them was alliance, the rest came from horde side.
Horde players seem friendlier to me for some reason.

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