Coldlight Surfrunner not in game

Bug Report
Hi there.

This is supposed to drop from Murlocs or Naga on island expeditions but to this day not one has ever dropped.
It is cageable but has never been on Undermine Journal.
It's a beautiful pet and 0% of the pet community have it.

Please fix :'( have done more than 250 islands before i learned i can not complete [I'm here for the pets] Achievement.
Put in a ticket in-game to try to get an answer. Response was just "we don't know if this pet is in game or not."

Dozens of post/comments about this pet in island expedition/pet battle forums, would really appreciate a solid answer.
Also would appreciate someone looking into the drop rate of this battle pet. Is it bugged or just really, really rare? Would like some clarification. At the moment, it's looking like it's bugged.
I was wondering this as well as I am a huge pet collector and am doing Island Expeditions all the time for the pets.
It is 100% not in the game -- I'm running Island Expeditions daily (30+) with friends/guildies - no one has seen it. Could it possibly been changed/broken when they did they "drop rate increase"?

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