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Was magic ever clearly stated as being banned in Mak’gora?

I know in the Warcraft Movie the Orcs were upset that Gul’dan cheated by using magic in Mak’gora, but that’s the Warcraft Movie Universe, it isn’t connected to the Game Universe.

I don’t think it was ever stated hat Thrall “cheated” against Garrosh. Thrall says he feels disconnected from the elements but there’s never any direct reference to cheating or using underhanded tactics to win. Realistically it could just be that Thrall lost his confidence and faith in himself as he’s likely very conflicted about killing one of his closest friends son, someone he probably even viewed as a son of his own.

Does anyone here know the actual canon rules of Mak’gora? Or is it just kinda up in the air currently?
I don't think anyone cares anymore. Things get retconned from expansion to expansion so it isn't worth the time getting invested in the lore anymore.
11/13/2018 12:08 PMPosted by Galevin
Does anyone here know the actual canon rules of Mak’gora? Or is it just kinda up in the air currently?

Idk, I don't know if it was technically a Mak'gora, but Thrall used magic to toast Garrosh into a little grease spot.
In the novel The Shattering, the rules are stated as such: 1 weapon, no armor, no magic.

But as the poster above said, wow lore means nothing anymore.
"When two men go out to face each other, only one returns". If John Wayne can side shoot Liberty Valance and everything turns out ok, then all is permissible. Though Thrall is having the same misgivings Wayne did in his story. Thrall is John Wayne!
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Idk, I don't know if it was technically a Mak'gora, but Thrall used magic to toast Garrosh into a little grease spot.

It was a mak'gora... Thrall challenges Garrosh at the end of the Nagrand questing in WOD.

Thrall says: Garrosh!
Garrosh Hellscream says: Thrall? You're too late, old friend.
Thrall says: No. No more, Garrosh. Just you and me.
Thrall says: I challenge you to Mak'gora.
Vindicator Yrel says: Thrall, no.
Garrosh Hellscream says: Very well, shaman. We finish this alone, where it all began...
Garrosh Hellscream says: ... at the Stones of Prophecy.

The mak'gora has become one of those things that Blizzard likes to not state anything solid so that they can keep their Rule of Cool goin'.
The rules are iffy because they seem to change with each Mak'gora. But nothing has ever been said that magic is strictly forbidden. So presumably it is allowed.

The elements I think stopped listening to Thrall not because he used them, but of how he used them. Thrall basically abused their powers to settle a personal vengeance, then walked away full of inner turmoil and uncertainty. So the elements didn't like that and deemed him unfit to use their power. That's just my take on it though.
I wont count the movie since it is not canon, I don't know if the canon rules for Mak'gora have ever been put into writing. It's an old combat ritual. I never really had a problem with it. Starting from a base, if true class balance were a thing, most lore characters would be given a class. Thrall would be a Shaman, and Garrosh would be a warrior. Intrinsically, if we give game values to their classes, there should be some amount of equality ((I know class balance is an issue, I'm just speaking as if class balance were actually EQUAL in terms of damage and CC/CCbreakage)) this would leave the only factors being personal skill with their classes. I always saw it as "In PVP everyone can kill each other if most things were equal, it would just come out to skill". So if Garrosh was a better warrior than Thrall was a shaman, he could have won the fight. Thrall was older, had more experience, and a connection to his class that Garrosh lacked. Remember, when Thrall met Garrosh (who was already an adult) he was a despondent, emotional wreck of an orc who couldn't be moved to action in the slightest. Not much of a warrior, so from BC-MoP was what, a handful of years? Yes Garrosh got his confidence back, proved himself a leader, and competent warrior, but was he as great a warrior as Thrall was a Shaman? Thrall had, shortly before WoD, taken the place of the Aspect of the Earth in a ritual that used Dragon Aspects as focal points. That's insanely impressive. If Garrosh had been as epic of a warrior as people think, he should have been able to break out of that stone hand. There are SEVERAL instances of player characters breaking out of grasping stone hands in the game, warrior class or not. Garrosh struggled though, because, in my opinion. He just wasn't as good of a warrior that Thrall was a shaman. That aside, I think the MakGora should be along those rules. You challenge someone who has equate-able abilities, whoever is better at what they are would win. Warriors can kill shaman in pvp, and shaman can kill warriors. I don't think it would have been a violation of rules myself.

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