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Having Movement Boosts actually mean something again. Whether it’s the kitty form for Druids or Aspect of the Cheetah, the real Aspect of the Cheetah for hunters, these small movement boost given to certain classes were glorious before being able to buy the first mount. It also provided options. Even though I have the gold for the mount, some of the gold might be better spent elsewhere and the mount could be put off for 5-10 more levels. Classic provided a lot of options that do not have the same meaning in the current game.
I'm looking forward to having super unique classes and rock paper scissors balance again. Where everything doesn't feel and play the same. A real RPG experience. I'm looking forward to all the small things, such as hit rating, weapon skill, agro, armor class and value mattering again. As well as the need to communicate in order to be successful in groups.

And most importantly, a single unifying game difficulty. So when I tell my buddies "OMG, WE FINALLY DOWNED C'THUN" they don't have to ask "oh, was it LFR, normal, heroic, or mythic?"
catfishing men for gold.

I mean seeing Mr smite again

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