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So i finally got my transmog glaives and i plan on enjoying them, But everytime I look at begins to bug me:


I know the accepted community idea is a demon called Azzinoth, but I raise this to you, When did he have time to encounter this demon?

war of the ancients? I don't think so, no where in all three books does he kill a demon and get their glaives, infact if you do the CoT you will notice he DOESNT HAVE THEM, and that is near the end of the book,after that azeroth as we know it is formed and he is imprisioned.

Random pickup in warcraft 3? maybe the best guess? but going by the rts, there's no mob called azzinoth either that I can recall killing,plus I feel that would be worthy of a sidequest or something. maybe in the remake blizz?

Sometime while he was in outland? This is also a good bet I guess, but it's very very questionable, maybe if you go by the sunwell trailer that imprisoned demon was azzinoth,but it all seems...difficult, either way I hope we get a answer on these.
He sleeps a famous demon commander during the War of the Ancients. The dungeon isnt the full war, it's just specific parts of it all combined into a dungeon.

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