Snakes in the Shallows WQ glitch

Today doing WQs in Stormsong Valley I had this quest glitch out on me.
Everything was fine with the quest but when it came time to find my 5th Zeth'jir conduit it was nowhere to be found.
I waited around and the female Naga that they were next to originally spawned back it but no conduits did. I left the area and came back later to everything seeming to be re spawned but there was again no conduit. I ran the entire surface of the quest zone to no avail.
So I was unable to complete this quest today. :(

Hopefully this does not happen to more people, super frustrating.
Same here. Just left the area few minutes ago since I can't find my 5th conduit. Definitely bugged.
waste of time as usual. This patch is starting to be known for wasted time.
I am having the same problem.
bump :3
same issue, one month later
Also same issue. Came back hours later to see if I could finish the quests. Still no conduit

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