Mythic Uldir - LF MW and MDPS

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Hey Shadowsong and BT! We're looking for two to add to our Mythic group. To round out our comp, we're looking for a Mistweaver Monk for heals, and a melee DPS, preferably a rogue. These aren't hard requirements, we care a lot more about the player than the character. So if you would like to join in on some Mythic progress, please message Catharsis (that's me, but any old timers here would probably recognize this char) or Swordofdeath in-game, or feel free to respond here.

A little about Coup - we formed in 2005, and have been a dedicated raiding guild ever since. We transferred to BDF for a few years, but as most of us got older we decided PVP wasn't really our thing, so there's a core group of about 20 of us that transferred back. All of us have become friends in real life, we do an annual Blizzcon trek, and we're all in the 25-35 demographic. I believe I am the ranking old fart at 38.

Logistics - we raid on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 6:30-9, and we usually take an end-of-raid vote for a weekend day. If folks have real life stuff, no big deal, but we would like someone who is able to commit to at least two nights per week. We use Discord and are very vocal, so while you don't need to be a chatterbox, communication during encounters is key. Look forward to chatting with you if you're interested. For the Alliance!
I'm commander Partybarn and <Coup> is my favorite guild on the Shadowsong.

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