[A]TEST LF DPS/heals. 2d/wk H.focused raiding

Are you a working professional with limited time to raid? Looking for a dedicated raiding guild with Heroic and Mythics in sight with a mature and stable atmosphere that allows you to also sustain a real life? TEST may be the guild for you.

TEST of Turalyon is a newly formed guild lead by 8/8H AOTC players recruiting adult members to start its' core raiding group; progressing all forms of content, focusing primarily on Heroic raiding with Mythic always in sight lead by organized veteran players.
We are an adult oriented guild that is work schedule/life friendly, looking for reliable players to mostly prepare for the next raid content early 2019.

Raid schedule (Eastern time):
Wednesday, 8pm - 11pm
Thursday, 8pm - 11pm

Sunday, optional alt-friendly 8pm-Fold

Recruitment needs:
Tank: 1 flex tank. Preferably not a warrior.

Healer: H-Paladin x1, R-Shaman x1, R-Druidx1, Flex monk

Melee: All classes
Ranged: All classes

  • Expectations:
  • The number 1 thing we expect from all of us is that we are driven with a similar goal in mind while being able to understand that this is just a video game, so a healthy community within the guild is an important focus of mine as well. We will have 0 tolerance for any type of negative and toxic behavior.

    GM Btag: Checkem#11546
    Recruitment: StankTurtle#1189
    Shameless bump
    Le up with you guys!!!
    Recruitment updated. We've had a lot of good recruiting this past week and other great news possible for us these next couple weeks.

    Up we go

    We were in the process of bringing over a group of 10ish but fell through at the last moment and losing one of our own shortly after.

    Still recruiting, though !
    I keep forgetting to bump this.

    Edited the post to make it more to the point and easier to read <3

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