Steamwheedle Alliance Table Mission missing?

It is the only one I am missing for the Achievement and have not ever seen it in the game. I check multiple times per day, every single day.

Has anyone seen, or completed this table mission in BFA? Am I missing criteria or is it bugged??

Thanks in advance.
I still need Steamwheedle Alliance and Exorcising Dun Garok

All of the missions you do at your command table in Battle for Azeroth are all purely based off of RNG. I know for the last mission I needed it took several days for it to appear and I had been checking daily for it.

Hopefully it spawns for you soon, But keep on checking is my suggestion.

Good luck!,

Xanlorash [The Insane]
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I've needed only 1 for weeks now, but I've seen it on alts. We just have to be patient.
The last one I need for the final achievement is Dalaran Ritual. I haven't seen it on my main or my 120 alt yet. The day I get this achievement I will feel so much weight lifted from my chest lol
Steamwheedle Alliance was my last one I needed for a long time too, it popped a week or two ago though!

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