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Enjoying black ops 4 more than wow right now?
No. You're the only one.
I do, blackout is super fun.
I'm sure plenty are, but that said I'd be surprised to see them here.
Nope. Last call of duty I bought was modern warfare 3.
It's ight, but mulitplayer outside of blackout has a lot of connection issues.
The genres are not really comparable. Blops is new. Some people might enjoy it more than WoW. That doesn't really say anything about WoW though.
Not me, I'm not into that type of game.

I don't know about that one in particular, but I can't play first person view games. It isn't for a medical reason, I just hate the view.

I can only play third person games, which is why I like Fallout but never got into Borderlands. I would have bought both Destiny games, as well as Overwatch, but they had no third person view.

I have to see my character, doing stuff/shooting stuff, whatever.

So I'm really waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Hearts, etc for the Xbox One. I was looking forward to Fallout 76 but then read its online only, with other people? That doesn't sound like something I'd like.
Red Dead Redemption 2 will rule all my free time in 10 days.

Cannot wait! Haven't played wow since early September.

Just waiting for the sub to expire in 25 days.
Nah, FPS ain't my thing, I'm giving The Witcher 3 a go though since I managed to recover my TW1 and subsequently TW2 save files.
Hah! Nice try Activision. I'm not buying the game.
I don't know about Black Ops, but I'm enjoying not playing Wow. I will still discuss it till my sub runs out and I can't, but I wont lie I haven't played in weeks.
10/16/2018 04:05 AMPosted by Escaflowne
Hah! Nice try Activision. I'm not buying the game.
Love this answer

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