Any changes coming for 8.1 Arcane mage?

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11/14/2018 10:23 AMPosted by Medani

Yay, a nerf to the only half-decent trait for PvP that arcane has on live, such improvement!
Don't forget the 2 arcane charges whenever you finish an evocation cast with the Brain Storm trait, which also doesn't stack.
What do you mean?

I understand it's changed from missles to clearcast missles-- but my question is, isn't this an overall buff to burst dmg if you're saving clearcast missle procs for setup kills? Since it's going from 98 more dmg per missle to 120+ more dmg per wave of clear cast, with increased chance to proc clear casting?
Also I know that brain storm talent was good before they nerfed it tbh. Blizz took the lazy route in the first few weeks of pvp season 1 with arcane and sub.. they nerfed all our traits by 30-66% in pvp templates-- Galvinizing, brain storm, both missles, execute, everything pretty much. It's why currently best pvp traits for arcane is tidal surge lol

So yeah i know brainstorm sux now but it used to be good D:

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