Demonic Core Bug with Mother(Uldir)

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Against Mother, Demonology is failing to generate approximately HALF of the stacks of demonic core that it should be on any comparable fight.

Mother is a relatively high movement encounter and we rely even more heavily on the instant-cast Demonbolts that demonic core give us. With fewer demonbolts, we end up with fewer soul shards, and fewer imps, and fewer cores... the loss recurses upon itself, significantly lowering our ability to perform in this fight.

The problem seems to be that (against Mother) Dreadstalkers 100% chance to generate a stack of demonic core is completely broken. We still get the 10% chance for a core from Wild imps however, which can make this bug difficult to spot, especially shortly after a Demonic Tyrant has faded and there's lots of imps expiring.

But it becomes much more visible when one is using a build that includes the Azerite Trait [Shadow's Bite](When your summoned Dreadstalkers fade away, you have a 100% chance to absorb their life essence, granting you a stack of Demonic Core.)

Normally, the shadow's bite buff appears, and global cooldown later, you get 2 stacks of demonic core. Consistently. Except vs Mother, where: the buf appears, but the stacks do not. (unless luck grants you 1 or more from wild imps expiring just at that moment)

Please please fix this! :D
I just did it on my alt Demo Lock and I didn't get a single Demonic Core proc. Not even from my Dreadstalkers.
Ouch, no kidding. So it's gone from bad to worse.

I still consider Demo my 'main spec' for everything -but- raiding. But the dps loss is too much for me to feel like I'm contributing to our progression group. Aff and Destro aren't half as much fun, but they perform far better.

I don't expect the announced demo changes in 8.1 to fix anything. The chance of executing a perfect 'nether portal' or 'demonic consumption' in any of the high-movement Uldir boss fights is laughably slight. The sustained dps boost from sacrificed souls will likely still be far superior.

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