It’s time to remove talents from the game.

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The talent system hasn’t even been updated since WoD. It’s constantly under complete scrutiny, and discourages variety. Everyone picks the cookie cutter talents anyway, discouraging freedom and individuality. In my opinion, having talents systematically represses every classes true potential, so talents should be removed, and replaced by passives that are worked into our gear. (TLDR; they should add in more Azerite talents)

With even more Azerite traits than we already have as of right now, it promotes intersectionality and discourages mononormativity.
Honestly they might as well, maybe just give us a few passives to choose from. That's what the game is coming to, might as well stop !@#$ing around and do it.
Eh, I change my talents all the time based on the fight or what the affixes in M+ are.
0/10 no one should be taking this thread seriously
No. So much no to this.

All of the talents seem to be with in a certain % of each other. Yeah it may not be maximized numbers, but for the most part all are viable.

As much as I love the azerite system, which I really do, I don't want to lose my "build" because I got an upgrade. I was sad enough when I got 340s with a bunch of lame choices instead of my levelling gear with some cool ones.
this has to be a joke...
So more pruning? No.

What needs to happen is specs need to be complete WITHOUT any of the talents. Talents should compliment the spec, not make or break it.

Talents shouldn't have such a weight on how the class performs overall. An example talent row would give you three options:
1) Make your single target abilities cleave for 10% of their damage to surrounding targets

2) Make your single target abilities hit 10% harder

3) Make your single target abilities reset the CD on your biggest DPS cooldown by 1 second*(adjust to make sense)

Give us talents that we can use to tailor our spec to the encounter we are undertaking.

Give us complete specs and tone down the talents.
0/10 NOT even sunday
... and we should only have one ability.

I disagree

With the current talent system I can significantly change up how I play my warlock

It allows me enough customization to make my rotation just how I like it and I love it
10/12/2018 12:53 PMPosted by Ythisens
This thread is literally a waste of internet.
10/19/2018 10:34 AMPosted by Andrin
0/10 no one should be taking this thread seriously

But to refute the op's point, I'd say that if you take talents away, they're either going to be easily pruning more than way too much, or bloating us with the addition of each talent.

I'd rather have a cookie cutter (which I never look into) over no choice at all. I don't believe your suggestion would work better than talents. I do believe we should have more talents, though.
Lets stop removing stuff from the game. A lot of people play with their talents. While there is a cookie cutter best way to choose them not everyone is a high end competitive player and actually likes to change them up once in a while. Actually we should have more talents to choose from.
Sounds good.

Can we add more rings too?
Eh make it like GW2, their talent and build system is superior by far. You can change it on the fly based on the situation.
10/19/2018 10:42 AMPosted by Xenya
Sounds good.

Can we add more rings too?

you got it.
We should just have more ability modifiers randomly given to us as azerite traits! Makes sense to me...

Make all classes 2-spec classes too. Easier to balance and extra time now available for the developers to develop specs adequately.
Yes, exactly, because EVEN MORE PRUNING will make the game better. Genius, OP. Genius.
Talents are far too non-rng in there current form. They should randomly change right before each fight. That way you could get rid of tiers and just get a random 7 talents from the whole selection.

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