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Thank you for listening.
Awesome. This is truly great. Thank you.

What are the chances we get the same thing but with some kind of copy of conquest points as well for PvP?

Currently a lot of specs are very dependent on getting (or stacking) a specific trait to be viable. Getting a PvP vendor for azerite gear would feel great.

Alternatively, getting this new currency for azerite gear from the weekly PvP chest also wouldn't be bad but it would feel better if there was a PvP specific one.
So really they are still going to Shove RNG down our throats GG blizz way to take a good first step and ruin end the random loot or end WoW.
This is a great idea. The only issue I see with this is the exclusivity of the specific 385 pieces to "top players".

It's not only "high-end" players that want control over what they're getting. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, the lack of control over Azerite pieces is what people from all difficulties have been complaining about.

I'm not saying, by any means, that everyone deserves 385 pieces, but only getting randoms in 355 and 370 tiers seems to say "you're not playing well enough or in a high enough skill tier to have control over your destiny". To me, the players on the lower loot tiers are the ones who need to have more control over what they are getting.

Think about the standard loot situation: if you get a 340 piece, it's only going to replace something if it's REALLY good. But, if you get a 385+ piece, there's a good chance it's replacing something, regardless of extras like Azerite talents (outside of that top 5% who are already 385+ in all slots).

Basically, for me, it falls into the category of "you can have this once you prove you don't need it" and, while I know others will surely disagree, I find that a somewhat defeatist perspective to have.

TL; DR - The vendor should offer specific armor pieces for all ilvl tiers OR offer upgrade tokens instead of specific 385 pieces as the "big ticket" items that upgrade Azerite Armor you already obtained to a higher tier.

I'd like to add that I'm very happy to see communication on what exactly is going to be done to improve the AA situation, I'm just concerned it's still going to leave people feeling let down, especially if they're not in the top tiers.
Let me get this straight, 2-3 weeks for the same chance at a random azerite I have every week right now, and significantly more for a targeted azerite? So what, that's like 1.5 months per targeted Azerite piece, 3 slots means about 5 months to get a full set of targeted Azerite. Assuming none of my Azerite traits get randomly hotfix nerfed mid tier and set me back to square one I can expect to barely complete my full set of Azerite gear in time for progress on the NEXT tier, not to mention progressing the 8.1 tier. On top of this, is a M0 world tour and every single raid on LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic now mandatory weekly content in order to get more of the Azerite currency?

Do you guys even think about these changes?
Wow thank you thank you thank you! Seeing this change gives me a lot of hope for the game. Hard to tell if you guys are taking feedback to heart sometimes and this proves you guys definitely are!
Great change.

I'm glad that Blizzard is finally listening to some of the feedback that people have been giving them.
Viva Rusia!!!!!!!
10/19/2018 03:05 PMPosted by Meteoscloud
bring back legendaries

Bake the Legendaries back into the Classes/Specs & Artifact Traits as 120 Talents.
Will we be able to target world quest/raid azerite with the currency or just dungeon azerite? Either way, I'm happy because dungeons reward the best :D
10/19/2018 03:05 PMPosted by Doritocrunch
Need something similar for pvp as well.

once again pvp gets left out.
I'm so happy rn. As a casual this means I will eventually be able to save up for a 385 piece instead of relying on RNG and groups I'll never be able to get in.
Thank you so much, I was feeling a bit of burn out and this makes me feel so much better and reignited that flame i have for this game!!!! So many of my friends and Guild mates have been saying "All we want is Emblems again!" Honestly, to everyone involved in implementing this decision. This is a huge step in the right direction. :)
Yes boys! we got what we wanted! :)
10/19/2018 03:06 PMPosted by Encumber
So you are killing raiding?

You're kidding, right? the raid-specific gear with the reorigination traits WAYY outweighs anything but BiS trait M+ gear, even moreso stacked.
Someone else had already mentioned this, but won't 385+ gear be readily acquired from the next raiding tier, which also releases with 8.1? I can acknowledge that this is a good first step, but there are many more still desperately needed to get the game back on track. One would be bringing back Master Loot. The community has called for it, and the disgruntlement with Personal Loot only is more than evident. Please continue listening to your consumer base, and keep up the good work, guys!
Owwww nice, PVP comunity are asking for a Vendor since legion and all we get is silence.

People cry about RNG in pve and get a Vendor.

GG Blizz u really dont give a !@#$ to pvp comunity.
Make the vendor viridel or whoever the legion lego blacksmith guy was, he was actually the Chad of the xpac, vashreen was the nobody hiding out in the corner.
Wow very interesting. Excited to see how this works out.

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