Recent Tournament Analytics

looking for analytics of the most recent tournament which I think placed people into BlizzCon. Mostly concerned with what races and classes were used and their records. I don't remember seeing any Void Elves in the parts that I did watch, I thought they'd be more popular but I guess no spell pushback is irrelevant in PvP.
I guess nobody can point me in the right direction, can't seem to locate a website that tracks this stuff myself.
pvp want vendors! no other topics are allowed... lol jk i wont be much help since i never thought of looking for this but i have looked for the combos and classes that won and not one page had any information on races, i remember some matches but that wont help. the teanliquid webpage one states the brakets and combos but not one i have seen the races. it used to be human orcs mostly but now is just orcs as if blitz loves shrek. gl on your journey fellow undead

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