Has the Allied Race system been successful?

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It was successful in making a lot of people angry.
I like my Dark Iron and Void Elves... One of the few things I've liked that came out of this dumpster fire of an expansion.

That said, I feel for those that came back and didn't play Legion much (or at all) and are forced to go back and grind irrelevant content to unlock some of them.
nope. its chased players away.

even if it is a success by whatever crazy metric of the week blizzard comes up with for their investor gods, if you have a system that actively discourages people to play...you failed.

whether it be current players not wanting to level them or unlock them, whether it be possible newcomers wanting to play a void elf and then learning about how to unlock them and noping out...it failed.

they need to remove the rep requirements and just let us unlock them as any normal game would.
Most of these new "races" are just a collection of aesthetic additions that should have been made available to their base race.

Dark Iron Dwarf, Mag'har Orc, Lightforged Draenei, Highmountain Tauren are all really guilty of this. A slightly paler draenei with golden eyes. Why did that have to be its own race? Why not just add moose-antler options and war-paint to Tauren?

The real kicker is that, beyond their assigned gimmick, these allied races themselves severely lack custom-ability. With a paltry handful of skin-tons, faces and hair-styles. These are pretty severe crimes against player character custom-ability, something this game is dead-last in. Imagine if you got to deck out your dumpy old Tauren from Vanilla with hot new horns and war-paint? Or that old Draenei you made in Burning Crusade now has golden eyes and a sweet, sweet beard!

Instead you have a couple of weeks grind. Then you need to level up a new characters. Gear a new character.. The height of tedium.

So far there are two allied races that bring an actual new aesthetic to their faction (Nightborne and Void Elf). That's really underwhelming. Imagine if instead of the tedious rep-grind expansion, BFA was known as the player character customization expansion?
Races are probably the one thing I believe have no place being put behind rep or grinding. To add to that, the expansion was so rushed they didn't even finish 2 of the Allied Races they began hyping months ago, Zandalari and fat humans.

So no, I don't believe it's been a success.
considering three of my kids will not pay for this expansion based on how the races are being played out. I say its a failure. that three loss subs right there.
Not yet it will be successful when they make Valkyr playable race
Was kinda hoping I wouldn't need to wait a year to make my new troll ...
10/20/2018 10:57 AMPosted by Voss
Alliance purges Vulpera in 8.1 probably pushes foxes to join Horde.
but vulpera are basically furry goblins so why would they come to us? look at nightborne- they're nelves so they went horde. look at void elves- theyre belves so they went alliance. with that in mind, it only makes sense for vulpera to go alliance

but that also means horde get some weird gnome thing... oh dear lord please no leper gnomes. @___@

anyways on the subject, i think it requires too much grinding. unfortunately the allied races seemed to be a big selling point on this xpac, hence why we have to spend so much time unlocking them. :/
The required Legion rep grind put my plans for this expansion on hold since I didn't play during Legion. Leveling had already been massively slowed down so the idea of grinding rep AND then having to start a new allied race character and level them from 20-110 to unlock heritage armor, made me decide to not buy BFA.
It's a success in terms of the potential for dragging players around. Why add a new race or simply new customization options when you can hide it behind a massive wall of grind for the same content people would be playing for actual rewards? (Rewards that, btw, were removed. Remember how we used to get so many options in terms of mounts from reps? But now all we get is one dumb horse? I do!)

In terms of how good or interesting they are, absolute failure. Alliance only got garbage put up together in the last minute because devs are too busy designing the Horde stuff.
10/20/2018 11:04 AMPosted by Chikishi
The races are great, the rep grinds were not bad at all - when the content was current.

Now that they nerfed the reqs for the Legion reps that should fix that problem too.

Mostly I am just waiting for the next races to come available as I have been wanting a Zandalari troll since they were first announced.

Overall I am really happy with them so far.

Gotta agree on the Zandalari, so far they are the race that has me more excited and tbh the pinnacle of what the AR system can give is. I would add Kul'tirans to that as well, since they do have a unique model and overall same level of care, I'm just not as personally excited for them as with Zandalari.

Because they are just another human Kingdom at the end of the day. No real shade, but overall I'm just less excited about anything human related in WoW. I've enjoyed Kul'tiras a lot, but it all adds to the Human fatigue a bit.

Still gonna level the !@#$ out of that Druid.
I have all unlocked so I'm going with yes.
I think it's a success. I like all the Allied Races so far. And the Heritage Armor looks cool.
Not really for players, $25 is not worth antlers and some face paint + having to grind it in the first place, but we all have opinions.

Blizzard on the other hand obviously successful for them.
what worries me is now set in stone rep grind for new races. we got two and possibly a total of 6 more coming this expansion. I wonder what kind of rep we are going to have to grind for them.

yes I said 6.
Blood trolls for alliance
Ethereals fpor alalince
High elves for alliance

Mok'Nathal for horde.
Grummles for horde
fox ones
10/20/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Wiskey
Blood trolls for alliance
It was confirmed to not ever be an Allied Race in BFA at E3.

10/20/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Wiskey
Grummles for horde

10/20/2018 11:41 AMPosted by Wiskey
Ethereals fpor alalince
Probably way too much effort for an Allied Race. I'd bet they'll come in next expansion.
Posted by WiskeyBlood trolls for allianceIt was confirmed to not ever be an Allied Race in BFA at E3.

really? That sad. they had a such good build up with working with them.
10/20/2018 08:19 AMPosted by Dardin
I think it has to an extent. My biggest gripe is not knowing whats coming next (or when the things we do know are coming are actually coming (Kul'tians / Zandalari)). I want to make a rogue, but if we actually are getting Sethrak or Vulpera I want a rogue of one of those. I don't want to level something and a few months from now feel like I've wasted my time because something better has been released. Also, It would be nice if the reps and other req's translated to the other faction. I did the war campaign and got exalted with the 7th legion on my ally priest but I have to go through the whole horde campaign and get exalted with the honorbound still to unlock the orcs.

Overall I'd rate it 7.9/10.

What do you guys think?

Honorbound is a completely different story from 7th legion though, why would they be related?
I remember back when new races were actually new. Blood Elves, Draenei, Pandas, Goblins and Worgen already had ingame models but they were things we didn't already have as playable races so I guess they pass. We also got all of these day 1 when their respective expansions launched.

Fast forward to BFA we have reskins of preexisting models gated behind reputations ensuring that returning players who didn't stick around for the end of legion (like me) or people who hate rep grinds in general, will probably never have them. My personal opinion is that they're pretty terrible. Kul Tirans are the closest we get to something unique as they might have some specific wiring for their animations, but I don't know for sure whether they do or not. Might just literally be chubbier humans. Feels like being rewarded with another horse for each reputation....oh wait...thats actually what we got.

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