The only good name for your crawg

You of course must name him Spud
I'm thinking Mega!@#$% would be an excellent crawg name.

Really? That trips the filter? Oh well, there goes that idea.
Spud is only name for a crawg which will be funny seeing so many Spuds.
is... none.
Of all the awesome pets we have seen of late, this... is what they give us?
To each their own i suppose and im glad some of you are excited for this but i am not.

Or just Dart, for obvious reasons.
I'm thinking grawg.
I was thinking DartNougat.
Im gonna name mine Henry
Pawg the Crawg, of course.
name a goblin Skarsnik and name your crawg Gobbla
10/24/2018 09:40 AMPosted by Voodoohunt
You of course must name him Spud

Bloodbath McGrath (From the movie Wild Wild West)
Gonna name mine Abigor. Because I have a twisted sense of humor.
Gotta be Spud. The only variation in crawgs will be what color you choose.
Spudson, Son of Spud.
Squig is the only answer.
Gonna name mine Shrieker in honor of Tremors 2. However, I have many Hunters. One of them will have a Spud.
Spud, as awesome as it is, will probably not be allowed.

Crawgdad or Crawgdaddy

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