Prot PvP in a slighty better place!

Hoping more changes come to Prot that get us in an even better place in RBGs so we lose our negative stigma!
gonna say no. i only use brace for impact
you have 100% Demo uptime in PvP so the nerf doesn't effect PvP. Moral killer makes Demo 15 sec CD.

This was a PvE change and them not wanting some traits to be mandatory.

Besides as Prot I stack Battle Precision because it's amazing and only 1 trait of DC. Battle precision is just to much pressure on bursting and makes it easy to secure kills. Especially on enemies that kite or try to run away. Not to mention Versa and Oppressor increase it's damage. So when Battle Precision goes off on a target you taunt it so it can just flop over.

So in 8.1 when IP comes off GCD they will be in a better spot and not as clunky. Would like to see Avatar come off as well though.

The Prot changes were PvP buffs 100%.

10/27/2018 12:18 PMPosted by Bloodymane
gonna say no. i only use brace for impact

Also with the Shield Block upcoming change ( 2 sec lower CD ) this looks even more interesting to run with Heavy repercussions so you can keep bigger shield slams coming in. Have only messed with it some but latter on might be great in some builds but would like Demo or Avatar off GCD before I run this or stack it.
Thanks for the info Abombanation Sensei!
10/27/2018 04:14 PMPosted by Nayrock
Thanks for the info Abombanation Sensei!

No problem as long as Prot can smooth out mechanically it will do better so the changes open up more options. Also now you can just at least attack and use IP at the same time as you need too.

If you can save up some battle precision give it a try I get a lot of kills I shouldn't and it's really good in team play because you don't even have to attack the target. Anyone on your team attacks it and you are doing damage to it.

Also on rogues etc I have killed them by getting a bleed up and battle precision. Cause each incoming damage does a stack of damage.

Deep wounds goes off triggers 1 stack of Battle precision
Gutripper goes off triggers 1 stack
Trinket goes off triggers 1 stack

Then I have landed a kill cause I got damage rolling in even if I am CCed. Prot struggles with finishing low health targets since the removal of execute. So running double battle precision/gutripper allows me to make sure low health targets don't live.

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