HoN seeks raiders to join core team

Muradin and Nordrassil
Strong and stable guild of over 10 years seeking to add to main raid roster. Currently seeking the following:

All Roles but dual spec'd healer/dps and tank/dps would be helpful!

We are currently 2/8 Heroic Uldir.

Our current raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 to 11:30pm CST. As well we partner with another guild for alt runs on other nights. We are a very active guild and you can almost always find us online running Mythics, questing, pvp, helping each other out.

Our raid leaders are fun and fair while keeping things serious when they need to be. This is a guild where you WILL see progression without hearing others being yelled at. Our guildies help one another.

If you are interested in knowing more or meeting up to see how we fit please contact us in game:


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