[A]<Wicked Claw> LFM Range DPS, 2/8Mythic

Faction: Alliance
Server: Lightbringer

We're looking for 2-3 range DPS for our Mythic raiding team.

Our guild has 2 raiding teams, one for Heroic and another for Mythic. This post is for the Mythic team. We currently have 20 members so there will be a bench depending on the classes that are needed for the specific bosses.

About us:
This is an old guild dating back to 2008. Most of us are working professionals or college students.

Raid Times:
Tue/Wed/Th, 7:00PM-9:00PM server time (Pacific)

Loot is personal except for BOE's which the guild uses to pay for cauldrons and other things. Everyone is responsible for prepots/mana pots, however the guild makes these available at a subsidized cost.

What we need:
The average ilvl of the raid group is 375. The ideal candidate would be no more than 5 item lower and it would be either a Mage, Warlock, or Hunter - however, we will consider other awesome players. Good attitude is required because this is a chill group.

Additional Info
We use discord. Being able to talk is extremely useful and required.

If interested, please whisper Yosana, Ayl/Miz, Zoobí, or Furyosá.
We are still looking :D
Still looking for ranged dps! Come learn and improve with us!
Still looking for raid-experienced ranged dps candidates! Don't be afraid to message me at Raxah#1345

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