Khaz Modan Irregulars Tues 6-9pm N/H

My friend and I are starting a new guild on Darkspear with the intent of starting a N/H raid group. Normal to gear, Heroic to pursue. What we want to accomplish first and foremost is to build a community of friendly and courteous people who enjoy playing with each other; where the toxicity and foulness of most other raid groups is flushed out the moment it rears its ugly head. We would rather play with 15 people who are understanding and polite in Normal than 15 of the most skilled players in WoW in Mythic who also have bad attitudes.

Can't be accomplished you say? I have created Raids in the past that were fun, tight knit, and still geared toward progression. If there's one thing I've learned it's that patience pays off in the long run. It may take a couple to a few weeks for our raid/guild to start coming into its own, but once it does, we will have a small group of dedicated FRIENDS who will be eager to spend time with each other every week.

Raids will be every Tuesday at 6pm-9pm server (MTN). My guild/raid will be keeping foul language/filth to a minimum. Sorry. If you're not ok with keeping language in check and conducting yourself in a respectful way please look elsewhere. Jokes and good times will be had by all, but the most enjoyable environment to play this game in is one where my grandmother and a dungeons and dragons geek would be comfortable. Respect, Friendliness, and Charity. That's what we're about and we would like you to come see just how nice it is.

Whisper Arsithul/Kunzekul in game for an invite. If I'm not on message Eroviara or Ásteria. If you don't happen to catch up with any of us then please send me an in game mail. I work crazy hours but I will be on very consistently every Tuesday and Wednesday evening during the winter months. See you in game!

Interested! Would you guys be willing to change to 2 times a week?

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