Blizzcon wrap-up. What did you like/dislike?

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With blizzcon rapped up I thought I'd start a feedback/discussion thread and throw out my two-cents.

-Them acknowledging they went heavy on RNG and will be working on it going forward in the form of vendors etc..
-Them rolling back GCD changes when it comes to utility and movement on some classes.
-The idea of player choice being brought in with the saurfang questline.
-Acknowledging they're working on class balance issues like ferals, spriests, and shammies.
-The WoW Q&A in general had really good questions this year.
-The fact we are getting two zones to explore come 8.2 with mass amounts of contents each.
-New model updates for worgen and goblins finally!
-They listened and gave zandalari trolls paladins.
-Warmode changes to balance things out and provide benefits to the underpopulated faction.
>Really like the new look for warsong gulch and arathi basin.

-Kinda dissappointed on the allied race side of things with none being announces.
-Not related but I dislike the idea of sharding for classic wow even though it seemingly will only be used in the beginning of the servers lives.
-Really wish instead of code re-write for the auction house it'd just be revamped and improved.

I'm missing a lot of things and I now I'm skewed in what I liked and disliked and the ratio of it but I came away from it happy with the way BFA is going.
So far in terms of Warcraft stuff alone more likes then dislikes.

Everything else in Blizzcon:

Overwatch's new hero is cool.

Zeratul as a Co-Op hero in Starcraft 2, cool but meh. Give me that Alarak mission pack.

Hate the new hero in HOTS.

And we all know about Diablo.
Rastakhan's Rumble
The cinematic from a visual point of view
Most of what we got on the Azshara patch
The cinematic from a narrative perspective
Everything to do with the faction war, again
I liked the art, coding, and cosplay shows. I find them interesting even though I have little to no capability of understanding it all.

I like the 8.2 art. Unspet I won't get Vashj'ir again though.

Was rather disappointed with the Q&A this year. It didn't answer anything I particularly cared for, and the Red Shirt guy got screwed out of a question. Too many shout outs that no one cares about.

I liked the Overwatch stuff, Don't care for the epsort thingie.

I love all the Diablo drama though.

Overall Verdict: Meh.
The cinematic where Malfurion pulls a screaming orc into the ground with vines. Finally night elves being night elves.

The naga stuff in 8.2 looks pretty good. That part should at least be a nice break from faction nonsense.

Saurfang/Anduin cinematic.

8.2 faction nonsense being brought up.

I can be completely honest when I say this is the worst Blizzcon I have ever seen.

I mean, I thought the one during Cataclysm where they had nothing to announce really felt like a filler convention.

But this?

Blizzard was caught with their pants down with Diablo Immortal. They are now trying to censor their fans.

People were disgruntled with BFA, and Blizzard isn't really acknowledging why the expansion is losing people -- outside of addressing a few issues, of course. But world quests are still boring work, the grind isn't fun, and the quest path through the zones (at least on Alliance side) are vague and terrible. And so many, many filler quests.

Hearthstone and Overwatch never really interested me so I can't comment on those.

Heroes of the Storm having it's own lore now is kinda weird but ok.

And lastly, I've been joking that they will announce Kul Tirans and Zandalari classes and consider it content, and then it was a thing that they actually did. And even then, the developers don't seem to have their act together enough to even confirm whether or not Kul Tirans get mage.
-The Terror of Darkshore cinematic. Where have they hidden these Night Elves for fourteen years?

-New Worgen models

-The Overwatch cinematic. I don't play, but the cinematics are always good. And I'd pay just to see Matt Mercer read the phone book.

-The Kul Tiran classes. They feel almost as restricted as the Lightforged classes, but without the religious strictures to give at least some kind of reasoning.

-The Mechagnome models. I'm slowly warming up to them. But they are a bit jarring at first.
Only major dislike:

The factions are seemingly headed towards cooperation once again via Saurfang and Anduin. I hate that. I want to beat the crap out of each other, but with some moral restraint.


Blizzard seems to understand Sylvanas is an ill-fitting Warchief.
Tauren Heritage Armor.
-darkshore cinematic
-wc3 reforged
-not talking about a stupid warfront who nobody gives a damn
-8.2 being all about nagas (no faction war almost!)
-worgen models
-looking forward to the alliance storyline

Dislike:diablo fiasco
no kultiran mage
waiting half a year to have the new allied races
waiting 1 month for 8.1.
spending so much money on a useless cinematic like lost honor

meh/don't care:

My veredict:5/10 blizzcon
I'm kind of interested to see how well PvE battlegrounds develop.
Oh hey i got a free copy of a game that lost all potential once Joeseph Staten left before it's predecessor's launch...

HotS- Not too big on the game, but it's interesting to see them start adding some sorta story to the game instead of the game Just being "Blizzard-Allstars: Moba Edition". Might give it a spin despite my unintrest in Mobas.

Starcraft- Eh, never played it.

Hearthstone- It's my toilet game, I'll always be satisfied with more crap to play ;).

Overwatch- Eh, it's been like how many years and the game's all lore but no story. I got a soft spot for TF2 so I'll enjoy playing Overwatch no matter what, but it would be absolutely amazing to see them release some sorta single-player campaign for each character at some point. Doubt it would ever happen though

Warcraft 3 Reforged- VERY NICEU, CAESAR-CHAN

WoW- I think I've expressed my loathing of that cinematic and Blizz's overall attitude towards the warchief's role enough. Feels like one big slap in the face after that major change in the PTR, but I have the tiniest glimmer of hope things will change for the better. Need my ZANDALARI PRELATES WOOOHOO!!!! ;D!!! and fat water-people already. Gameplay changes are all looking good, and the upcoming Nazjatar and Not-Gnomergon stuff look fun. Darkshore looking AMAZING, can't wait to see everybody including Nathanos, Cromush, Sira, Delrayn, and even Lorash. But there one man who I'll always hold dear to me...


All in all: Why do people even buy the tickets? You get all the info like a day later.
I only really play WoW out of Blizzard games, and every couple of months I'll pick up Hearthstone for a couple hours, so the rest of the announcements didn't do anything for me.

-Rastakhan's Rumble
-Mechagnome backstory
-Worgen/goblin model update
-Gnome/tauren heritage armor
-AB/WSG graphics update and PvE mode
-Nazjatar looks pretty at least
-Those fish dudes the Alliance will meet look cool, and I hope Horde befriending gilblins leads to an allied race I like gilblins.
-Darkshore cinematic, from a visual/technical/whatever perspective. Very spooky and well done, and I loved when Nightsong kicked in.

-Old God BS is becoming more prominent. Number one worst thing, even though I knew it was coming I still despise it.
-Faction war BS is still garbage as always
-Mechagnome designs
-Terror of Darkshore cinematic was just great on all levels narratively and visually. Especially because it reminded us all why Malf is great.
-Goblin/Worgen models will get me to finally play those races
-WoD Timewalking 1.Because Dungeons were Amazing in that expansion visually and mechanically fun.(Grimrail, Auchindoun, Everbloom) and 2. Rep tokens from the TW vendors will do wonders for all those who didnt have the commitment to spend hours grinding mobs for rep. I’ve been waiting forever to get those high-def wolf mounts and laughing skull masks.
-Zandalari trolls and KT humans have varied class options that will allow for some cool fantasies(Troll pallys, human druids/shamans)
-Everything in 8.2 especially that whole Mechagon thing caught me totally by surprise but looks awesome. I like the idea of Nazjatar being a huge fissure in the middle of the ocean, that’s actually a really good call because they can pick and choose which zones would be landbased and which are more water-based zones. Also, Naga finally being shown as a serious threat, though i REALLY hope we don’t just axe Azshara off in the raid.
-WC3 remastered has been something i’ve always wanted and they’ve wven taken it a step further beyond by updating the cinematics along with the game. We’ll get to see the famous battle of Grom vs. Manny with much better models, or Thralls dream or even the destruction of Dalaran.
-The transmog improvement for allowing fist weapons to be mogged like regular 1-handers give me hope that they’ll improve transmog flexibility fuether in the future
-I love the theme of the new Hearthstone expansion. Trolls have been something i wanted for a long time and i also appreciate that they are including some of our new Zandalari friends like Loti and Talanji
-The Mcree cinematic was everything i wanted from a cinematic about my main and Ashe is already one of the coolest female characters in the game along with her hulking, badass, crowbar mustached robot partner B.O.B.
-Chris !@#$%^- Metzen and the great question that he asked. He reminded us how much his presence is missed in the Blizzard community

-Lost Honor gave me mixed feelings, on one hand i thought Anduin was pretty cool(yeah i said that, sue me) but on the other hand, it felt like it was just telling us stuff we already know. Like we already know Saurfang wants to depose Sylvanas. In fact, it really only served to make it look like Saurfang was just a pawn for Anduin.(which he is not). I would have been far more interested if they did a cinematic with Greymane reminscing on the death of his son. Artistically, it would make a great parallel to Saurfang and the Old Soldier cinematic.

-Answering so many questions about the Azerite system when most of those questions were literally answered in the last Q&A before Blizzcon
-The Diablo announcement was a joke, in fact so much so that a guy literally wasted his Q&A question on asking if the announcement was an “April fools joke ahead of schedual”. It was hyped all year that Diablo was getting some big news this year only to get pissed on by the devs.
-HoTs had a pretty weak presentiation as well, only revealing a single hero and that hero being their first OC of whom fans have no real connection with. Overall, minimal content reveals and really mediocre gameplay updates other than the much needed role rework and quick match mm improvements.
Darkshore Cinematic
Kul Tiran Druids
Mythic Warfront mode (now can we have smart AI and Pvp?)
AB/WSG reskins

Zandalari paladins
Kul Tiran shamans
Saurfang & Anduin story
WC3 revamp (why not just make a new warcraft rpg)
""""revealing""" the zandalari/kultiran racials without details
-The Terror of Darkshore trailer, though I may loathe those disgusting tree elves and praise my good champion Nathanos Blightcaller, I must concede that it made them look like worthy foes that I will perhaps even be cautious and gritting my teeth in wariness of fighting. May the Banshee Queen's eyes be upon me as I brave against the terrifyingly savage that stalk the night!
--More promised lore for those terrifying tree elves in future patches! Hopefully my waifu will be able to stand strong in this dire time.
-My biggest mortal enemies, those foul cursed wolfbeasts that call themselves the Worgen, have finally gotten the visual update that I've been waiting-- er, I mean dreading since Warlords of Draenor! That and their female counterparts are promised to get more touch-ups to look properly menacing like their males do instills me with hope-- I mean dread, that they will be a race worth taking seriously! I just might even consider leveling one up to 120 again- I mean no! I must not betray my Queen like this! Bad bad idea!
-For that matter, Goblins look great too. Really tempted to race change to one as they are my favorite Horde race!
-The Mechagon stuff could actually promise some real lore for those vile Gnomes that threaten the sanctity of the Horde in the future.
-The promise of more sea-themed allied races in the Azshara raid sounds awesome to me, especially if we get something like Jinyu that are way cooler than the boring ones in Pandaria.
-The "Is this an early season April Fool's joke?" guy was hilarious.
-The Diablo Immortal memes have been hilarious.
-Ashe is hot.

-The Kul Tiran and Zandalari class distributions are a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand I get why Kul Tirans have less classes, partly to balance Dark Iron having more than Mag'har. I also even see the argument for why they don't have Mages or Paladins, and think it's a cool way to make them different from Stormwind. Having Shaman and Druid also helps with that too and is cool. On the other hand I think Kul Tirans will be a lot less popular than Zandalari due to these lack of classes, and that's terrible to me because they are supposed to be the Alliance's new race in this expansion and in some cases they just don't compare to Zandalari in certain aspects of cool factor.
-The Kul Tiran Moonkin form is silly and something I wish they'd change, especially with how it's treated like a joke by just flapping by. I don't think they should scrap it completely, but I do think they should make an arakkoa form like Zandalari are getting as an alternative to people who don't want to play a fat silly owlbear thing that just looks spookier than the other moonkin forms. Maybe do this for every race in fact as well to give more variety to Balance spec because not everyone likes ogre animations.

-The Lost Honor cinematic, while visually pretty, only gave two seconds to one of my most hated of enemies, he who leads the foul, cursed wolfbeasts with hair emblazoned so greyer than my perception of color! While I do not mind that the Orcish traitor got more screentime, it is that cursed monster wolf king who I wish to know more about so that I may better prepare to defend my Queen against his terrible onslaught! By the way, it also made me have even more vivid dreams of that Orc traitor pile driving me into the dirt like the evil Forsaken scum that I am and I perhaps needs to see a psychologist about it.
-That Goblin female update is perhaps a little too good. Their cute smile and look of total girlfriend material makes me wish Gnome females had kept their smile and didn't look so sad and depressed all the time. Seriously how do Gnome female players play that race without ending up thinking about the inevitability of death?
-The possibility that 8.2 will have no faction warring, it taking a backseat, which I'm sure others here are happy about but I think that's poor practice in an expansion where the central focus is the faction war. It's like having a patch that has nothing to do with fighting the Legion in a Legion-themed expansion, it's just ludicrous.
-The Diablo Immortal announcement was complete lawl-tier. What a way to get everyone's hopes up and then @#$% the bed so royally.
-"Do you not have phones?"
-The dumb question during the Q&A devoted to asking about toxicity. That just leaves me with worries that they'll perform even more strict Orwellian rules that I think I'm comfortable with. (The fact that certain memes are banned on Overwatch because they're seen as hate symbols comes to mind.)
-The lack of any promise for future content for more races in WoW besides Night Elves. Why not give us some cool Worgen and Dwarf stuff, or more stuff involving the Tauren and Darkspear trolls? You don't have to do it immediately but at least acknowledge that there are races who could see more worldbuilding and exposure in the future.
-Terror of Darkshore cinematic. Blizzard giving the nelfs their teeth back was wonderful. Finally, they're the same nelfs I loved back in WC3. Also I no longer have to feel too embarrassed when I tell people that Malfurion is my favorite lore character.
-Lost Honor cinematic. Everything about it. Visually stunning and it hyped me up for the downfall of a certain Banshee. I'm really, really curious to see what Saurfang does next. Also nice to see Anduin acknowledging that he's in over his head with all this, the poor boy.
-Look I'm gonna be upfront, I liked absolutely everything I saw in relation to WoW. Every bit of it. Even the stupid Darkmoon roller coaster.
-Warcraft 3 Reforged!!
-Generally good news on Classic.
-New Hearthstone stuff is cute, trolls are a big fav of mine so I appreciate the theme.
-New Overwatch character is cool.

-Press F for Diablo.

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