Ive lost several bgs and gotten upgraded gear. Which still blows my mind when that same piece of gear used to cost me 1800 honor and took a whole lot longer than 1 loss to farm the honor for.
I just do both, and PvP has always been more skill than PvE and more fun. However I guess it's myself failing to adapt, but my PvP activity has declined way much since Mid-Legion. I just can't get over my personal issue with them removing Gear Vendors. It felt rewarding gaining points, buying what pieces I wanted, then seeing myself in full "X Gladiator" gear and feeling accomplished. I mean I can still do this, but lately i've just been doing a Mythic 6-7 for the week, World quests daily, War mode pvp, and then logging over to my one other alt and repeating same process. Guess I just have to adapt to this new system and realize if i'm going to queue for BG's it's simply just for fun, because the rewards have pissed me off since the conversion of new system. That's just my experience and feelings though - and if I do want better gear through PvP, I gotta force myself to do Rated which now-days I really have to be in the mood to deal with the stress of that crap and getting grouped with bad players, Randoms are the same way, but Idc, no rating is involved and is far more chill
You don't pvp for the same reasons people pve for. You play pvp because you enjoy it. If you pvp for mounts, gear, or whatever. You're in for big disappointment.
11/07/2018 10:35 AMPosted by Nawat
Also not a fan of pve trinkets and such being so good in PvP. If you're a min maxer you get forced to pve. Any time pvers have to do PvP they rage. Not sure why they give us a hard time for not wanting to do their content.

Not to mention PVP trinkets that share cooldowns, making one of them relatively useless.
11/06/2018 12:46 PMPosted by Blindgodx
I just wish for equality between pvp and pve reputations, azerite, mounts and content

You're playing the wrong video game, 14 years now and pvp has always been second chair to pve.
11/06/2018 10:51 AMPosted by Lafs
"PvE takes no skill"
Same guy dies 4 times in Mythic 0 before first boss.

And why does he die 4 times in Mythic 0 before first boss? Because he is bad. You want to say "skill" is not to stand in goo which does ticking damage? Sounds more like common sense to me, not a "skill".
All skill it takes to PvE is to memorize what actions had to be done and when. That is it. Learn dungeon mobs' abilities, what they do, when they are casted, how to react to them and you're set. Max PvE skill achieved.
PvP takes undeniably more skill. And always has been. You can say what you want about the Mythic progression and so on, final point is - it is scripted. You know what will happen. Main difficulty in PvE is that most people do not bother to learn anything.

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