Amory not working as well as incompetent

Website Bug Report
Hi I reported armory failing to update even after "customer service" "stated they refreshed my account" to the point told me cant help me post here. Ticket no US65772400"

Hey there $%$$$$$,

Game Master Nalimua here. Hope you're doing well!

Very sorry to hear your character hasn't updated on the website, $$$$$$$! I know how frustrating it is to be unable to look up one of your toons, whether you're wanting to show them to a friend, demonstrate you've completed a raid for a group, or just plan out things like gear upgrades. >_< While I would love to be able to help, Customer Support isn't able to provide much in the way of assistance with the website. I've tried refreshing your account, but I can't guarantee it'll resolve the issue. I also recommend posting on the Website Bug Report forum ( to let our Web & Mobile team know about this issue. Hope that helps! d=(^ ‿ ^)z

Thanks for reaching out to us. Have an [epic] day!
Same reply, just wait game I guess.

I'm just surprised they cant communicate within their own departments and forward your ticket on then posting in a public forum.

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