calling it next game for mobile Pet Battle Go!

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calling it next game for mobile Pet Battle Go!
I'm not sure if you're joking, but I suspect that something like this would actually be immensely popular.
I'd be on board for a way to level my battle pets via mobile.
I like my pets and the battles, is just rather do other things at home logged on. I would love if pet battles was an app, with ingame ties.
Much like how you can do mission tables on the wow app, do pet battles!!
Things like this would be fine, just don't make it your headlining announcement at a convention people pay quite a bit of money not including travel and hotel to see.
It would legit be the only way to get me to pet battle so I'd be for it if I was trapped somewhere with family and had no pc.

As it stands I just give all my pets to my crazy aunt when I get them. No clue how she's managed to get over 600 of those things.
I don't see why not.
Good idea post
This would be hugely popular.

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