Quest frustration: Wendigo to sleep

Didn't see any threads on this yet, so I'm writing to say I was confused and felt frustrated with the Storm Wake emissary world quest Wendigo to Sleep, for a few reasons. Value recommendation up front: Why not have the flask start off in my inventory like many other quests, and I can then go about slaying Highland Maulers, collect some bee pheromones, and kill Ironbeard?

First, trying to find the the starting item took me about 15 min, more time than it took to then complete the quest. I enjoy completing a set of emissary quests in 20-30 minutes. The starting item is a flask, nestled into a branch, only visible when you're practically standing on top of it, and it wasn't near the map quest marker.

Second, I also felt a let down on its significant when I only had to use it the once.

Third, seeing its acquisition unlock the rest of the world quest makes me question its value, and ask why?

Hope this helps! =D

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