Vrykul and Ogre Allied race

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Vrykul should get all base classes and mirror zandalari(They should definetly both get all 10 base classes imo).

As far as allied races are concerned they consider...
Player desire for races (they do listen they added a bunch of races requested since wotlk like dark iron and maghar and some cool twists on existing races).

They need to make sense with the story they are telling to a degree... maghar didn't really make much sense just an orc wanted to recruit them and went to extraordinary means for them to be possible (powerful time magics where there resources could have easily gone to something easier). This is where gameplay>lore

Ease of making the race is also a factor. A reskinned race is easier to make then a brand new one. Allied races are not just reskins but those reskins are easier to make then new races. They could always tie a race to an exapansion and starting zone but allied races are supposed to be unlocked. As in overwatch they could reuse existing assets to make new heroes (This is smart and if you are not a stick in the mud you can work with it, some people do not like to recycle for some reason but its better then never getting races to begin with) or make new skeletons and models. For example orisa in overwatch is the first quadriped they made. A playable quadropud skeleton could potentially make races like centaur tolvir magnataur dragon kin and dryads. Such a created asset would be reusable and well invested for new playable races for example.
Sadly we got Fat British Humans instead of Giant Viking Humans.

But if we got Fat Humans on the Alliance what's stopping us from getting Fat Ogres in the Horde?
Thats a no from me.
We already have vrykul in the form of KTs. Probably because Blizz decided Vrykul were way too cool to give to Alliance despite all the asking.
Just think of all the rep they could make you grind for these. Fancy getting all the rep in Northrend, in Stranglethorn with your 130, 140 character.

That's fun right? That's what we are calling fun now, yeah?

I'm in. Redridge humans in 2019. Woooo! Go team! (notice me level 3 senpai)
11/10/2018 06:32 AMPosted by Nightrun
Vrykul are the forerunner race of humans... They would not join the horde. I know it hurts your little horde feelings but know your lore before trying to randomly claim a race.

Horde has undead. We have humans too ya know

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