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Okay now call me a nerd, but the colors for these cats are incorrect. The green, red yellow cats are fine, now the copper and orange are not. If you go by what I think you are,"cough voltron cough" the orange needs to be blue and the copper black. All that is needed to fix this is the orange trimmed one, change to blue trim for that to be right. The copper, needs the trim in silver or something to make it more accurate. I know small details in all, but hey the JC panthers are the right colors. So why not make these cats the same as well? I would love to have all 5 in the right colors, I already tamed the red, green, &'s hoping for a color fix before the WQ picks the copper or orange!
More Voltron references? Yes please lol
Ikr...I should 5 box a team with each having the color lion...Lets Go Voltron Force!

Man I feel so nerdy XD lol
But the copper cat is my favorite. I don’t want it changed.
My Sabertron suggestion is to work out the current WQ spawning rotation hitches and the spawning bug itself. XD
@Tovi.....But its not accurate!!! okay only you can keep the "Copper" one okay???
@Wiccan ...I also made bug reports on this matter btw, I agree fully about WQ needed some tewaks...this is just a side note :3
Could be they did it that way to avoid any potential IP infringements.
Yeah but then whats with the JC mounts its....pretty close as well :P

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