Stop Cooldown Links

Crafting has been made difficult enough due to the amount and variety of materials we have to collect. Why have cooldowns; and, why linked cooldowns?
What are "linked cooldowns"?
11/10/2018 06:11 PMPosted by Leesaa
What are "linked cooldowns"?
This is likely referring to the Alchemy transmute cooldowns. If you do the transmute for Living Steel, most of your older transmutes go on cooldown as well. So you can't transmute Living Steel and Eternal Life to Eternal Fire on the same day.
I think a variety of cooldowns/channeled/or other annoying hiccups are just stupid.

Mounting 4 seconds WHY when Druids get it instant.
Professions creating 500 bags and it takes eons to craft one... okay I get it the first 5 times I make something fine it can take longer, but after that just get it done already.

Fishing why is this channeled that is stupid I don't need to see that. Warframe spear fishing is much better than wow fishing anyway.

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