Reduce Engi Requirements to use toys!

Please for the love of Thrall change the requirements of all Engineering items to requires engineering (1) to use!

Our alts need to be able to have quick access to these devices such as the teleportation devices underwater helmets and toys!

Jeeves should not require engineering of 450 to use! I can understand making it that high a requirement to make but not to use! Seriously it's just a pet with a job!

You can certainly keep the requirement of these devices levels to BUILD the items but the requirement to USE the items should be dropped to (1) so that alts can use them easily! This should satisfy the requirement to make them but keep the requirement to use them on alts to a minimum to prevent the need of endlessly grinding out profession levels!

I've listed some items that should have their requirements to USE the item dropped to (1) so that alts may use them! Many of these items become toys and are listed in the toy panel but cannot be used until someone painstakingly levels each and every engineering alt to those levels! I have 8 characters about to be 9 I need these reduced so they can use these items! It will take forever to reach the levels required to use these items on each and every character! Thanks!

Ultrasafe transporter Gadgetzan 260
[Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station] 350
[Dimensional Ripper - Everlook] 260
[Dimensional Ripper - Area 52] 350

[Foreman's Enchanted Helmet] 350
[Foreman's Reinforced Helmet] 350

[Turbo-Charged Flying Machine] 375
[Goblin Rocket Boots] 225
[Loot-A-Rang] 125
Those are the pre-8.0 skill levels needed to make the items. Even then, the skill to use those items were usually much lower and that's still true.

To make a loot-a-rang, you need 40 in Cataclysm Engineering. To use it, you need just 1 point in engineering.

To make the Turbo-charged flying machine your need 75 in Outland Engineering, but to use it you only need 1 in Engineering.

and so on...
I agree with the OP, not for alts however, but for the main engineer. Right now, I can drop any profession, re-learn it, and be able to benefit from it again. But with engineering, I first need to level to 75/75 Outland Engineering in order to use the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine I already created and learned.

If instead, the flying machine and other gadgets required just Engineering (1), then I could use the loot-a-rang I already crafted as soon as I re-learned engineering. I could use the Jeeves Battery in my bags from Legion without re-leveling Broken Isles Engineering when I don't actually want to create anything from the expansion.

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