How are Boomkins in raiding?

Considering my options for the next raid tier and it is coming down to Warlock or Boomy. I have tried afflock and I enjoy it but keeping up with 6 dots at a time on multiple enemies feels like too much for me. I've researched a bit and it looks like there are usually only two to track with boom which seems more reasonable. But I just really haven't seen any in my play time, which makes me worry that maybe they aren't doing so hot.

I know balance can change on a dime but there is usually a general pattern that classes follow for long periods of time, do boomies seem to be on the up or downswing?]

This would be for low to mid tier mythic raiding fyi, I know normal/heroic it really doesn't matter what you play.
Low to mid mythic it doesnt really matter either to be fair... but to answer your question further I have this to offer.

Warlock has 3 specs. One of them typically does well in every fight. You should learn more than 1 and be flexible if you want to get the most from the spec.

Balance is just balance. If you want to be ranged and choose druid you must accept that we have fights we are good in and fights we aren't good in. Period.

Multi dotting on spread out targets is what we excel at now. We used to be great with stacked groups but just about every other class and spec does that better than us now as our starfall has been absolutely gutted. With the right traits you can do respectable single target but not too tier.

What we bring that locks dont?... well not a ton. An aoe silence that lasts 8 seconds is nice. An aoe root or a massive knockback is great. Some could argue that druids ability to soak stuff is better than locks due to our mobility and bear form +barkskin. But we dont bake cookies with fel fire and we dont have magical wardrobes to pull on beings from other parts of the world with.

If you just want to be a ranged dps for the general use of ranged dps warlock is probably the better choice. But if you want all of the flexability and be able to jump up and answer any call at the drop of a hat then you should look at the druid. Boomkin is on the up and up. Highly haste dependent and with each tier we will start to scale better and better. Boomie shadow and ele are very similar in this that they start so low but with mass haste they become off the chains.

I haven't seen alot from the new raid but it looks like we are going to have more spread multi target in the days to come. Uldir was very much single target / grouped aoe raid. The fight that balance did best on was no suprize a large amount of spread enamies. More fights to come like that and we will only do better.

That said I am gearing my boomkin up again for the new tier because finding a tank position is difficult and I love the flexability to play every role when needed.
I think they are pretty good. We have a fairly geared boomkin (370~ range) and he's usually near the top on dps in heroic. We aren't very good, though.
Like others have said. Mid-Low overall. Some fights we do really well at, some not so much. Changes coming in 8.1 but Boomy has never really been a Top DPS spec. If topping meters all of the time is what youre looking for Lock is usually tops for Ranged, sometimes Mage. Even though Blizz talks about no hybrid tax. It exists, otherwise nobody would ever play a Tank/Healer. I know a few top Booms that have went Resto since Balance isnt that great in Uldir.

My guild has suffered from the Roster Boss for a little over a month now and Ive been asked to heal. If youre not open to Tanking/Healing every once in a while. This might not be the class for you.

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