How to get Ruins of Oronaar Quest

Does anyone know how to unlock this quest? This is what's needed to get your followers from lvl 900 to ilvl 925.

The only info I've found is that you need 6+ followers at lvl 900, which I have.

Must finish all the argus quests, which I have 3/3.

I finished the greater invasion points quests and quests after that.

I finished the Antorus Raid.

Still no Ruins of Oronaar quest from Alleria, all she does is talk about the crest of knowledge.

Anyone know what else is missing?
There's a side chain for the follower stuff, and the Ruins of Oronaar quest is a fair bit into it.

Here's a guide for the follower side chain:

If it's on the character you're posting on, the Wowhead quest completion tracker shows you still need to do the Petrified Forest quests.
Wow, thanks for the insight. I'm not sure how you figured that out, but at least now I know the next quest step.

This has been the most difficult set of quests to figure out.
Great, thanks again Udiza! For anyone else trying to do these quests this is the most clear guide list out there:

This is paladin class hall but I'm sure the other class hall guides are here too.

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