[A][Turalyon] <TEST> want YOU! 2night/week

Blood Furnace, Mannoroth, and Nazjatar
Are you a working professional with limited time to raid? Looking for a dedicated raiding guild with Heroic and Mythics in sight with a mature and stable atmosphere that allows you to also sustain a real life? TEST may be the guild for you.

TEST of Turalyon is a newly formed guild lead by 8/8H AOTC players recruiting adult members to start its' core raiding group; progressing all forms of content, focusing primarily on Heroic raiding and M+'s with Mythic Raiding always in sight lead by organized veteran players.
We are an adult oriented guild that is work schedule/life friendly, looking for reliable players to mostly prepare for the next raid content early 2019.

Raid schedule (Eastern time):
Wednesday, 8pm - 11pm
Thursday, 8pm - 11pm
Sunday, optional alt-friendly 8pm-Fold

Recruitment needs:
1 flex tank. Preferably not a warrior (taken).

R-Shaman, Flex H/S-Priest or MW/WW-Monk

Melee: All classes
Ranged: All classes

The number 1 thing we expect from all of us is that we are driven with a similar goal in mind while being able to understand that this is just a video game, so a healthy community within the guild is an important focus of mine as well. We will have 0 tolerance for any type of negative and toxic behavior.

We expect you to be a reliable player. I allow a maximum of 2 missed raids per month unless there's good reason to miss more. Baby was born, work schedule change, etc. and not My goldfish is on fire.

Where we are currently as a newer guild:
We are currently consistently running Normal and Heroic Uldir on our posted days. We have a small roster of about 6 actively logging in bringing feasts, cauldrons and providing for our overly healthy Guild bank with 3 bench warmers and 1 intending to raid but still catching up. To run our raids we have to rely on pugging. Although controversial I rely on Raider I.O to make sure I am puging the best i can to make best of our small numbers.

We have a set goal of a 15 man roster to be fully independent. We are working hard to achieve this goal hopefully by early 2019 to be ready for the new raid content.

Don't raid but you're interested anyways?
Cool beans, because we do other things on the side as well. We have multi-boxing professionals, RBG try-hard's, to playing other games outside of WoW as well. We've been playing this game for more than a decade and we welcome anybody that can bring a good attitude and content to the guild.


GM Btag: Checkem#11546
Recruitment: StankTurtle#1189

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