Nourish isn't scaling with Mastery on PTR

On Live in PVP my regrowths crit for 45k+ at 1.2 second cast time. Nourish isn't scaling with mastery so it caps out at 34k in spite of being a vastly longer cast time of 1.6.

We're already the worst performing healer in PvP. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that this Honor Talent will determine our viability in PvP going forward in this expansion. If PTR were to go live tomorrow we would be even worse off than we are now.

Who do we have to talk to so that this honor talent can get fixed?
I've logged a few ingame bug reports and also posted on the PTR forums - been a few builds where it hasn't scaled. They have fixed the Master Shapeshifter talent though, so hopefully they get it in the next build :)

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