PvP Stats Gearing, Haste v Mast v Vers

Demon Hunter
Anyone been playing around with stats for pvp?

Been just rocking the usual 23% haste cap and not focusing on other stats. Playing demonic build and having the
  • Construct Overcharger
  • trink, ive been considering dumping into mastery as a lot of dmg comes from stun->burn->eb->chaos strike spam

    but it seems some guys like to run Vers,

    thoughts/opinions/facts? Can't seem to find concrete stat builds for PvP
    11/13/2018 08:33 PMPosted by Conditionerz
    Been just rocking the usual 23% haste cap

    Not sure how relevant the 23% softcap is for PvP, tbh. It's only kinda sorta a thing to be aware of in PvE, given that it's only relevant for 40s per fight. How often is the meta + lust phase a thing of note in PvP? And doesn't that only apply if you're using an enhancement shaman anyway, since other uses of lust aren't permitted due to the CD?

    11/13/2018 08:33 PMPosted by Conditionerz
    Construct Overcharger

    This trinket is categorically atrocious, btw. My 385 version sims below both my 355 Fathoms and my 365 Spyglass.

    All of the above said, this is mostly from a somewhat general theorycrafting experience. Your grandmother likely has more firsthand PvP experience than I do. >.>
    1400 haste seems excessive, most DHs go for Versatility at 1k haste, you can gain a ton of damage if you swap your haste gems for Versatility.

    Also you should definitely consider swapping one of your trinkets for a Darkmoon Desk Fathoms, I'm not too sure which one would be better to drop though because both are really good, imo keep the Dread Gladiator's Badge because of the socket and drop Construct Overcharger
    Honestly I saw the biggest jump in my DPS when I dropped some haste to my current 1100 and went with some more crit and vers. The flat damage bonus from vers feels terrific. Plus it means you’re getting hit less hard from people in PvP too. Sure it may only be 3% less but as a passive brainless damage reduction? I’ll take it.

    You probably know way more than me about PvP though.
    Do like me. 18% crit, 15% haste, 15% vers.

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