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I went to Shattrath to Vormu for Bt timewalking and clicked on her and it says "send me to Black Temple" then clicked on that and it says to me "you don't have enough players for that" and then says "you are now queued for flexible raids" but no green eye dungeon thingy came up on my minimap so I stood there for an hour with no success. Looked in premade groups and no groups for Black temple timewalking there either. Anyone know what I may do please?
There's no automatic group finder for Timewalking Raids, even though that message pops up.

Your options are to find a group in the premade group finder, or if there are none currently running then you will need to start your own.

Once you have enough people in the raid (minimum 10 people, maximum 30), the leader speaks to Vormu to put the group in queue to run BT.

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