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If they ever ( god, I hope not) do, as long as they do not share servers with PC players and are a separate account with no migration between them.
I do not want to run something with a player on a game controller, let alone with the "disruptive player " console stickjocks.
Wouldn’t say never, I could see the controls working on a remote (and yes they do theirs addons for it and tutorial videos before you come bum rush me, and the devs play on iPads.jpeg). However communicating would be the biggest problem unless console people automatically got into voice chat maybe each group has a icon or something to let PC users know what’s up.

I do believe blizzard has thought about adding Starcraft or wow into the console market, they did it with D3 and it seems to be doing very very well, well enough Nintendo decided to invest in making Diablo theme switches.

Oh yea and their small indie game overwatch >.> who even plays that.

Hero’s of the storm could definitely work on consoles too even in its current state! And as it stands I don’t think there’s any well known MOBAS on consoles.

Honestly I’d rather them focus on bridging the console community and pc community together under one umbrella, it be nice:).

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