Brawl is how the game should

The 15% haste feels so much better, playing this brawl reminds me how good the game feels with the right ammount of haste.
the shorter gy spawn should be a thing too, yes, in all bgs except maybe av/ioq
Agreed! I love this brawl.
Maybe end of bfa will be decent because of stat inflation, I don't know how I'll go back to low haste after this.
I really do not like this brawl. Yuck. Maybe it is more fun on certain classes though.
Make an outlaw friend, make him run snake eyes and take your cut pvp talent.
You’ll have 15% haste all the time
I enjoyed the brawl, but I'd rather have the freedom to stack what I want instead of being forced into one secondary. Also, the short rez time would take most of the strategy out of many battlegrounds.

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