Voice Overs in Mugambala & Hook Point

Haven't seen a post about this yet, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's taken issue with the voice overs on these maps.

The main problem is that the voice over plays for almost the entirety of the starting room 'arena preparation' time. This time is used by most teams to strategize / decide who the kill target is / how they will open / who to CC etc...

It's super frustrating (on Hook Point in particular) to have a loud, obnoxious NPC rambling during this time, making it hard to talk amongst your team mates.

I understand that the Blades Edge revamp introduced a voice over with the Ogre calling out things when players dipped low etc... and Blizz viewed this as a test for how players would respond to a voice over NPC on an arena map (and players haven't had an issue).

But this wasn't a VO that played during the arena prep phase. The Ogre isn't actually that bad, but GOD DAMN if I don't want to murder the voice over artist for Hook Point!

Playing with in-game sound on is actually useful for hearing certain effects and increasing awareness. Its such a pain to have to disable sound then re-enable it as the gates open every time one of these maps comes up.

Just one persons opinion: Kill both of these NPC's and have their dead bodies displayed somewhere in the arena as compensation for subjecting us to their ridiculous opening dialog for a season.

Thanks <3
I play with the game sound off.
11/14/2018 05:08 PMPosted by Fox
I play with the game sound off.
While this is a good point, I still think it's completely obnoxious that if you play with sound on, there's NPCs constantly screaming during your game. I haven't played w/ sound on in forever.
Nah, keep the dialogue. Nothing like a post-game whisper to the guy that I just dunked on in Mugambala reminding them that they didn't have the blessing.
Have you tried turning dialog off? Or down?

To clarify I don't know if this even works, probably doesn't knowing Blizzard.
11/14/2018 05:16 PMPosted by Traficant
Nah, keep the dialogue. Nothing like a post-game whisper to the guy that I just dunked on in Mugambala reminding them that they didn't have the blessing.

Just to be clear, I have no problem with the VO at any other stage of the game. Its just the starting room, when I'm trying to discuss things with team mates and some Kul'tiran !@# clown is spouting off about Goons and Ne'er-do-wells...

Like I say, I do like playing with in game sound on. I find it useful to hear certain spell effects. I also like having dialog on for other parts of the game. The VO isn't an inherently bad thing... Just in the starting rooms, during prep. I find myself routinely thinking ...God $%^-! I'm trying to sort out who we're opening on.

Totally on board with them yelling out fun stuff when someone lands a kill. I just don't see what the opening dialog adds to the game, besides frustration.
I play with sound on and personally it never bothered me to talk over it.

Maybe try adjusting your in game volume down a touch, and raising your comms volume up a touch. Then you can adjust your master volume to a spot that’s more comfortable.

I still can hear sfx during the match pretty well doing this, (always listening for that vendetta sound effect)

Hope this helps
literally have to mute my sound in the later hours because
I like it it adds some hype imo but I also don’t have an issue jus talking over it. I can see how some would dislike it tho
esc > system > sound > turn dialog slider all the way down

you now have all the sounds with none of the memes
Annnd YOU DIE! I like the game trash talking for me. Saves me the effort.

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