Destro Azerite Traits

What traits are the best for us. Not sure I can trust icyveins.
The Icy Veins Warlock guides are now being maintained by Motoko, who collaborates with people on the LOSS guides and runs the Warlock Discord, so those are now much more reliable.

OT; it depends on the situation, but having access to Crashing Chaos and Rolling Havoc is pretty desirable, CC giving you great ST burst and RH having a pretty high uptime on Havoc heavy situations. Flashpoint is also pretty good when high health targets are reasonably constant.

Stat procs of almost any kind are generally good in almost any situation (things like Bursting Flare, Blightborne Infusion and Champions of Azeroth), but won't outpace things like CC in its niche. There's also traits like Thunderous Blast that, while they perform very well in ST, do not scale with number of targets, so you should be aware of that.

If you want more specific examples, with some sim data to demonstrate, you can read the LOSS Destro Gearing guide:!/Destruction/Gearing

Also, if you're raiding in Uldir, you should have at least one of Archive of the Titans or Laser Matrix for the Reorigination Array stat buff, especially when you get more than a couple of stacks of RA.

If you're curious about what traits you have on your gear or in your bags are good for you at the moment, I'd highly recommend simming your lock with Raidbots' Top Gear sim to get an idea of what traits you currently have perform the best in different situations.
Simming is good, but it's also good to consider what you're looking for. IMO, Destro is more niche than Aff, so if you're running Destro it's because you care about something other than high single target damage, 3 minute burst, or sustained AoE.

Crashing Chaos is a huge trap imo. It concentrates damage during and right after Infernal, which is usually not when you need it.

Vectis/Fetid: You're playing Destro because you want to nuke down the adds. Crashing Chaos will help *twice*. Rolling Havoc, or even Flashpoint will be useful exactly when you want extra damage. CC is very strong, but if you're struggling to kill adds then it's not helping.

Zul: Recognize that you've got high health adds up for a huge portion of the fight, which makes Flashpoint dramatically stronger than it is on, say, Taloc.

Food for thought. Total damage isn't always the end all, be all.

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