[A] NegBro and Pals Merged.

Contact: Aldizi // Btag: Aldizi#1730 // Discord: Aldizi#4930

About Negative Bro
Our current home is located on US-Kel’thuzad. Negative Bro has been a well-established guild since 2006. This preceded the release of one of the best expansions of all time, The Burning Crusade. We have always been a competitive raid squad with multiple accolades in PvE and PvP. We enjoy a healthy mix of PvP and PvE, while PvP is not required we encourage members to participate in guild events. We are a strong community with thick skin. As the years have passed we have grown up with the game and have remained friends while keeping a competitive attitude in multiple games. We are now in the process of re-building our mythic raiding squad for BFA. We look forward to having you all apply and meet with us in discord to see if you have what it takes.
We have an open-door policy at Neg’ Bro, no locked channels, no shady officers, and at our core we want to beat the game and get cutting edge on a 2-night raiding schedule. The best will raid during progression. During farm we rotate people in to maintain a full and geared roster. Officers will sit like everyone else, we are a team!

Our Same philosophy is now carried over to Pals for life guild as we strive to push cutting edge on a 2 night schedule.
Raids starting this Tuesday. Welcome to the last guild you'll ever join..
Currently Actively Looking for
Resto Shaman
Demon Hunter
Holy Pal
Holy priest

We have an immediate opening for a high level warlock..

bump we need demon hunter and resto shaman.,..

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